TurboForex broker Points program

TurboForex broker Points program.

TurboForex broker Points program, TurboForexTurboForex broker provide online forex trading to them clients. Recent they announce a promotional bonus program for TurboForex clients. That trading points program get point from your trade with TurboForex broker. More interesting that You can use that trading points for purchases from TurboForex shop or you can convert credit bonuses and it will added TurboForex trading account balance.

TurboForex broker Offer: Get points for trading from TurboForex broker.

Date: Till 31 December 2015.

Available to: TurboForex broker Points program Available to All TurboForex clients.

How to get Points : To get TurboForex broker Points program open an account with TurboForex then deposit and start trade Get 1 point for trading that per each standard lot traded. For prizes you can Exchange your points like Smartphones or Tablets also bonus.

Withdrawal: Yes you can Exchange your points like Smartphones or Tablets also bonus.

Source: TurboForex broker Points program Click Here.

About TurboForex forex broker Points program :

  • For each closed trade, where the price difference between the opening price and closing price is equal or greater than 3 pips, your account will get credited with 1 point of trade for 1 standard lot of closed operations. Trade points can be used for purchases in TurboForex store, or to convert bonds to credit balances commercial accounts.
  • The bonus applies for an unlimited amount of time.


1. In the course of his trade to collect 650 points of trade, and the purchase of iPhone 5S from TurboForex store. TurboForex ship your purchase within 3 business days.

2. In the course of his trade negotiating collect 400 points and then receive your bonus credit in the amount of $ 500 Converts $ 400 bonus to trading account balance using their bargaining.

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