Tsys supports Android Pay

By Sums On Thursday,

Tsys supports Android Pay.

Tsys supports Android Pay, Tsys, TSYS paymentTSYS (NYSE: TSS) announced that it will expand the company TSYS Tokenization solution to process transactions made using Pay tokenized Android.

TSYS Company Tokenization is a plug-and-play solution that allows issuers to offer digital mobile payment technologies to customers and merchants that accept them. TSYS maintains an active dialogue by the industry and continually invests in solutions to support the evolution of digital commerce landscape. This includes the payment brands, suppliers of smartphones and payment platforms like Android payment by the Android operating system is enabled. Android Payment began gradually roll on September 10 and will continue through the coming days. Tsys supports Android Pay that New host card solution (HCE) Emulation TSYS, TSYS existing solution improves company Tokenization boost mobile payment solutions and payment Android. It allows the payment card information stored in the cloud and transferred by a mobile tap in the trading terminal. According to eMarketer, it is expected that the number of smartphone users worldwide to surpass 2 billion in 2016 and 51.7 percent of all mobile phone users1. The Android operating system most of all smartphones running, and major companies are committed to providing Android payment to its customers. “TSYS will continue to make new digital payment solutions as a priority payment Android as we strengthen our commitment to mobile payments and freedom of choice and convenience they offer,”about Tsys supports Android Pay said Gaylon Jowers, senior executive vice president, TSYS. “We are optimistic about the positive impact of payment Android mobile payment market, and we expect the support of all our customers in their efforts to provide safe and convenient mobile payments for their customers.”

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