TOPIX Futures and First ETF Options Debut on TAIFEX

TOPIX Futures and First ETF Options Debut on TAIFEX.

By Mikel on Tuesday,
TOPIX Futures and First ETF Options Debut on TAIFEX. New opportunities for coverage of Taiwanese, Japanese and Chinese markets expandschoices for investors. TOPIX Futures and First ETF Options Debut on TAIFEX, It launched the Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX) recent launched eight new derivatives contracts.

New Taiwan dollar (TWD) -denominated TOPIX futures contract, the first contract index futures reintroduced foreign capital in Taiwan, and seven options ETF, the first time such options contracts tode but in Taiwan.

TOPIX Futures and First ETF Options Debut on TAIFEX, The TOPIX futures contract tracks the Tokyo Stock Price Index (TOPIX), one of the most widely used benchmarks for investment in Japanese stocks. It is the first product to be unveiled as part of the ongoing cooperation between TAIFEX and Japan Exchange Group (JPX) announced in November 2015, which included the signing of an  Information Sharing Agreement between TAIFEX and JPX subsidiaries, Osaka Exchange, Inc. and Japan Exchange Regulations. ETF option contracts are now available for seven ETFs that track Taiwan and China stock indices, namely the Yuanta/P-shares Taiwan Top 50 ETF, W.I.S.E. Yuanta/Pshares CSI 300 ETF, Fubon SSE180 ETF, Yuanta/P-shares SSE50 ETF, Fuh Hwa CSI300 A Shares ETF, Cathay FTSE China A50 ETF, and Fubon SZSE 100 Index ETF. The introduction of ETF options for the first time in Taiwan will further deepen Taiwan’s rapidly growing ETF market and will sit alongside TAIFEX’s popular suite of ETF futures. The contract size for the TOPIX futures contract is NT$200 per index, while the contract sizes for all seven ETF options is 10,000 beneficial units of the underlying ETF. The TOPIX futures will trade from 8:00am to 4:15pm Taiwan time. ETF options tracking Taiwan-based ETFs and China-based ETFs will trade from 8:45am to 1:45pm Taiwan time and 8:45am to 4:15pm Taiwan time respectively. Dr. Len-Yu Liu, Chairman of the Taiwan Futures Exchange said about TOPIX Futures and First ETF Options Debut on TAIFEX: “We are pleased to be launching all new derivatives products that will greatly expand and diversify the investment choices available to investors and which can meet their evolving investment and hedging needs. We look forward to introducing more innovative products in the future.” About Taiwan Futures Exchange Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX), established in 1997, provides a wide range of products, including stock index futures and options, interest rate futures, single stock futures, equity options, gold futures and options, and currency futures. TAIFEX has
continuously enhanced its technology and services in trading, clearing and settlement to ensure a fair and orderly marketplace. With a vision to be a world-class exchange befitting the fast-evolving marketplace, TAIFEX is poised to extend its global reach 2 and stands as a primary derivatives exchange in Asia. About TOPIX Futures and First ETF Options Debut on TAIFEX, For further details, please visit
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