TMX Group launches New TSX Alpha Exchange

By Mikel On Tuesday,

TMX Group launches New TSX Alpha Exchange.

TMX Group launches New TSX Alpha Exchange A key milestone in the TMX initiative to improve the landscape of Canadian trade and reduce market complexity TMX Group today announced the successful launch of a new model of innovative Alfa trade on the TSX Exchange (“Alpha”), designed to improve the quality of execution of natural investors and reduce distribution costs.

New features in Alpha, which received approval from the Ontario Securities Commission in April, consists of a minimum size threshold for requests for liquidity, competitive prices for the active flow and short processing delay orders ( Baden). In addition to these changes, he migrated Alpha Motor trading at high performance TMX Group, TMX Quantum XA ™. The opening auction on Alpha has been removed and the installation IntraSpread Alpha and TMX Select have now stopped working. All changes became effective at the opening of the markets today. “We are committed to strengthening our relationships with customers and pushing forward with solutions to meet their needs,” said Nick Thadaney, President and CEO of Global Equity Capital Markets, TMX Group about TMX Group launches New TSX Alpha Exchange . “The new trade model Alpha is the product of the vital and ongoing consultation with, and feedback from our large group of players in the industry. We are actively looking for ways to enable our customers to be more successful and increase the attractiveness of Canadian markets. ” TMX Group launches New TSX Alpha Exchange that In October 2014, TMX Group announced that it was restructuring its offer stock trading in an effort to maintain the flow of orders from Canada, natural empower investors and other participants not sensitive to latency to trade with confidence and reduce the complexity of the market. The next step in this series of targeted changes is the introduction of long life TSX order type, which is scheduled for November 16, 2015.

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