Sucden Financial Limited Establishes New

Sucden Financial Limited Establishes New Multi-Product Execution Team.

By Mike on Thursday,
Sucden Financial Limited Establishes New. Sucden Financial Limited, It is strengthening its management London with the establishment of a new multi-product execution team. Sucden Financial Limited Establishes New Multi-Product Execution Team.

The team, which focuses on hedge funds, banks and real asset fund managers, is responsible for the implementation of the financial futures and commodities and options, options on equities and indices stocks and bonds, and currency exchange.

Rick Brunton, a former senior vice president of futures and options of Jefferies Bache Sales to lead the team. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the futures and options, and the execution of the sale and the connection to their former positions, including those with Cargill Investor Services, Mitsubishi Trust International, Crédit Lyonnais, BZW and Lehman Brothers

Mr. Brunton work also join with Graham and Lee Bevan Deavall the Sucden Jefferies Bache. Graham Bevan served nine years and 3 years, Jefferies Bache Bache Commodities in option sales and execution team. It has a solid customer base, including hedge funds, banks and real money accounts. Mr. Bevan has also acknowledged extensive knowledge of the possibilities and opportunities within the Market Making community. In the past he served in Banca Intesa Spa and Credit Lyonnais Rouse.

Deavall Lee spent three years with Jefferies Bache and 15 with Bache Commodities. He brings a wealth of experience in implementing the derivatives markets change orders negotiated interest rates, equities, currencies and commodities on the part of hedge funds, banks and asset managers, both electronically and soil.

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