STET launch Instant Payment Service for European

By Mikel on Tuesday,

STET launch Instant Payment Service for European.

STET launch Instant Payment Service for EuropeanSTET have decided to offer instant payment infrastructure that will allow the European PSP to provide a service compatible with the scheme SCTinst be defined by the EPC. STET currently processes more than 15 billion transactions per year on behalf of the French and Belgian banking communities.

STET believe that them technology has its ability to handle large volumes, while adjusting the treatment or the wide range of European payment instruments demonstrated. Therefore, it is possible that other communities enjoy significant economies of scale quantities produced in French, and reduce costs with customized services. STET launch Instant Payment Service for European the solution will be offered to the French banking community as one of the first, but is open to any PSP or PSP community across Europe.

About STET launch Instant Payment Service for European the company says it is currently working on creating a platform for instant payment instruments in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). This new supply of STET range of services consisting of “Multi-CSM” is completed, its unique platform, multi-community, for instruments not including cards SEPA clearing and “SEPA.EU” their schemes SEPA CSM.

STET launch Instant Payment Service for European, About STET:

STET is  a unique position to participate in the upcoming consolidation, helping banks to reduce their costs through economies of scale:

* STET market share (now 48% of payments in euros processed-CSM, reaching 52% after migration Belgian market) allows us to offer very competitive prices for full service.

* STET system was built with the support of multiple CSM, as part of its architecture, which gives us a unique ability to support all the instruments of an internal market both SEPA and non-SEPA.

* The design and construction of a new system from scratch allowed us to process all transactions in real time, a growing need for small but growing role of payments and electronic payments.

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