Roboforex double profit Two copying services

By Mikel on Monday,

Roboforex double profit Two copying services.

Roboforex double profit Two copying servicesRoboforex broker are reported that CopyFX blog has a new article. Article of the week says “MQL5 Signals” service MetaQuotes Software Corp., the traders to copy trade from other operators. 

Roboforex double profit Two copying services, MetaQuotes Software Corp. Service “The MQL5 Signals” allow traders to copy transactions from other operators. Also provides CopyFX system exactly the same opportunities to obtain additional benefits. And both services using your account CopyFX the same time, you can double your winnings! Roboforex also added that you more about the service “signals MQL5” how to connect to it, and why it can be interesting for CopyFX users.

Roboforex double profit Two copying services, FEATURES “MQL5 Signals” SERVICE :

The basic principle of MQL5 signals is the same as the transaction CopyFX copy. Dealers are CopyFX signal providers, CopyFX investors are paid. Account transactions only after clients  copied to the buyer’s account to the offer to subscribe the operator. “The MQL5 Signals” The service is, however, of our system a little different that Fixed remuneration FOR THE PERIOD.  The subscriber pays the supplier a fixed price for the period of the offer, which may be a week or a month. Supplier to create these services is the amount of commission. Synchronization account, to the offer to subscribe, This feature is useful for providers and subscribers. Customers are guaranteed that your connection is secure and that the participants have the most accurate market and at ensuring security, their entry fee.

Roboforex double profit Two copying services that CopyFX clients account is a “pass” for services “signals MQL5”. That clients need an additional account, deposit register and start your business “from scratch.” Consequently CopyFX investors and service users’ signals MQL5 “can copy their transactions. The benefits of using this approach is obvious: the more merchants in your account that you are connected more profit. And risks in this case are the same, are not increased.

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