Questrade partners with Magenta Trader

Questrade partners with Magenta Trader options trading tool.

By Eric on Monday,
Questrade partners with Magenta Trader. Canadian online trading supplier and investment services Questrade declared its partnership with WooTrader, Questrade partners with Magenta Trader the broker unveils a new addition to its partner centre.

It is web-based, options trading tool Magenta dealer that seeks to modify the method of finding potential options trades. By using historical seasonal information from the last 10 years, traders can see the recent value action of their stock, and how it has acted compared to the typical trading vary every month over the last 5 and 10 years.

About Questrade partners with Magenta Trader they said that “One of our newest partners is Magenta Trader. Let’s take a closer look inside your stock trading toolbox to see how it is helping options traders.”

Magenta Trader’s API integration with Questrade makes it easy to view option chain information. Now you can combine the Magenta seasonality tools with Questrade market results to pinpoint the exact option chain you want to act on.

Source: questrade.

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