PayNearMe allows users pay taxman in cash

PayNearMe allows users pay taxman in cash at 7-Eleven stores.

By Johan on Monday,
PayNearMe, the barcode on a Smartphone at nearly 7,000 taking part 7-Eleven stores, taxpayers who got to use the money for his or her tax payment will do at the register, even as if they were getting a gallon of milk or a cup of low PayNearMe allows users pay taxman in cash.

Taxpayers will now pay Uncle Sam closer to home due to a partnership between PayNearMe and 7-Eleven. Users get a PayNearMe bar-code at, select their irs form and choose the ‘Pay with Cash’ button. They will like better to receive their barcode via email to print or on a smartphone that conjointly identifies the nearest 7-Eleven locations. As a result of the payment is processed like every different purchase the customer, mechanically receives a receipt. While payments are generally announced in 2 days, it’s suggested the service is employed at least one week before any deadlines. Money payments cannot exceed $1,000 per day and customers will use the service twice per amount. A $3.99 payment fee is charged.

PayNearMe allows users pay taxman in cash, PayNearMe’s convenience will be delivered by companies trying to offer extra worth to their clients, its founder and corporate executive Danny Shader said.“Government agencies and payment processors use PayNearMe to gather money payments for everything from utilities to bike share membership. Customers appreciate when the organizations care enough to supply them payment options at convenient locations and the organizations are happy to change traditionally long payment processes to change payments 24 hours every day.”


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