Orbex broker launches Strategizer

By Mikel on Tuesday,

Orbex broker launches Strategizer, an easy to use, cloud based, EA builder system.

Orbex broker launches Strategizer, Orbex brokerForex Broker, ORBEX, is proud to announce the launch of its algorithmic Forex Strategy Builder, the ORBEX Strategizer. The new system does not require coding or programming, an Expert Advisor (EA), build any trader to automate their own strategies.

Orbex broker launches Strategizer, Strategizer eliminates the complexities of programming of an Expert Advisor and allows a simple, quick and easy way to build and customize strategies at any time. The new marking system for ORBEX to adjust complex and logical rules for maximum customization. ORBEX has already launched a number of central merchant tools and materials to train their operators and Strategizer is another edition of the large number of commercial applications, such as extensive educational materials and ORBEX TradeLab. Mohammed Yaghi in ORBEX said: The success of a trading strategy should not depend on the amount of money traders could spend on a robot. We wanted to introduce a service to our traders to enable them to build their own EA for themselves and for free. Since all the service is cloud-based and incorporates a VPS service is a turnkey solution for our merchants who want to automate their strategies.

Source: orbex

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