North Payments Anti-Fraud Solution for Merchants

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North Payments Anti-Fraud Solution for Merchants.

North Payments Anti-Fraud Solution for MerchantsNorth payments is a payment processing provider with experience across the spectrum of the economy. The report shows antifraud solution provides ideas online or by email. Advanced features include ideas in real time, risk-profiling and data analysis.

North Payments has expanded to Nordics market. The main payment processor is offering Visa, MasterCard and American Express for traders in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. The company has also launched a new system to combat fraud, Fraudonomics, to help make online transactions more secure.

About North Payments Anti-Fraud Solution for Merchants,  New Anti-Fraud System Fraudonomics :

Fraudonomics program is an innovative measures and user behavior of devices to help secure business processes and less likely to be victims of online fraud. Anyone who visits the page, with respect to a global database and find out if the user has multiple accounts or identities applications. In addition to highlighting the fraudulent activity, shows the software, what happens in the background, which. The output from the server and returns equipment, regardless of the browser or Internet gateway.

North Payments Anti-Fraud Solution for Merchants, That the report shows Fraud solution provides ideas, online or via email. Advanced features include real-time ideas, risk profiling and data analysis. The software is easily customizable and offers 24/7 customer support, two characteristics Northern Payment known. Companies can set their own rules, where payments are declined to allow immediately prevents the processing of legitimate and fraudulent transactions for transactions. Considering how expensive and time sequences, a victim of fraud is software that prevent the transaction to go through in the first place, are becoming increasingly popular to help. North Payments recognized this trend and make the prevention of fraud even further with Fraudonomics.

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