Next generation services able Liquidity Alliance

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Next generation services able Liquidity Alliance.

Next generation services able Liquidity AllianceLiquidity Alliance offer Collateral Management Services. That able buy-side through the 360T platform. Liquidity Alliance able to give an option to ensure the tripartite repos with banks through 360T. It is a platform for trading currency markets and money the buy side.

Next generation services able Liquidity Alliance that the new services will enable customers of the members of the Liquidity Alliance to benefit from major improvements that further increase their efficiency guarantee. The Liquidity Alliance, the worldwide association of market infrastructures to provide collateral management services to their markets through a common platform. It has announced the implementation of a new client connectivity solution. The new interface was developed on the basis of experience and feedback from customers using the underlying collateral management solution since its introduction in 2011.

About Next generation services able Liquidity Alliance, Fabio Zenaro, Products and Executive Business Manager at Cetip, said. “We led the way for the implementation of the system in 2011 and have developed with Clearstream a pioneering solution that is a model for other market infrastructures worldwide With more than three years of experience in the operation of our service assurance for Brazil, which we consider very important to continue bringing innovation to our customers. ”

Next generation services able Liquidity Alliance there Customers buy-side may negotiate tripartite repos through the same interface they use to FX 360T and other money market operations. After confirmation on the platform, all relevant data automatically will be sent directly through warranty service local member of the Alliance of liquidity, thereby minimizing the burden of back-office and operational risks.

Mathew Kuppe, Director General, 360T Asia-Pacific, said: “360T purchaser already has customers in all national markets of the members of the Alliance Liquidity Liquidity Alliance will now have the option of offering these customers the benefit. secured transactions, which was previously only available to financial institutions, through an integrated front end “.

Source:  deutsche-boerse

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