MFX Broker illegal license revocation notice

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MFX Broker illegal license revocation notice.

MFX Broker illegal license revocation notice.On 17 November, the Belgian Financial Services Authority published information on its website, which is the company MFX BROKER Inc. neither regulated by them.

MFX Broker illegal license revocation notice, The International Financial Services Commission (IFSC), Belize has been very active lately, chasing illegal illicit activities in their jurisdiction. Belize Financial Regulator informed the public through a statement on its website, the MFX BROKER no longer has valid license to the regulator more. However IFCS also added MFX BROKER waived state had changed a brand name to Master Services Inc.

According to company representatives, Master Services Inc. is the trade mark proprietor MFX Broker with 2 licenses of the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) Belize.  In an attempt to clarify the situation, mentioned Inc. MFX BROKER this fact has no business under this brand in about two years. But he was business Master Services Inc in various international regions conducting.

About MFX Broker illegal license revocation notice, President of MFX Broker, Igor Volkov further clarified that:

“In late 2013 we decided to work in several different countries around the globe on behalf of sole legal body. Master Services Inc. was registered for this purpose. The entity received all required licenses in Belize. We closed all other entities so that clients are not confused about the company they are working with. However, the regulator posted the information about the event just two years after the change, mainly the regulator announced information about MFX BROKER INC entity which is not active and was closed so far.”

For more information about licensing of the company can be found on its website (, where the company said that “the company is registered as a private company under the international number record 138.716 in Belize City.

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