Maybank Kim Eng will live with Fidessa

Maybank Kim Eng will live with Fidessa for regional trade.

By Sums on Wednesday,
Maybank Kim Eng will live with Fidessa for regional trade.Fidessa Group plc, a provider of solutions for trade, investment, and information for financial companies. It is a further step to increase their business network in Asia through a partnership with Maybank Kim Eng, who was in Asia for over 40 years active. Recently announced Maybank Kim Eng will live with Fidessa for regional trade.

The company today announced that Maybank Kim Eng, corporate finance, capital markets, debt capital markets, equities, derivatives, private and institutional brokerage and research titles have used their actions and the implementation of the platform for order management.

The move is in its efforts to help at Maybank Kim Eng a transparent regional trade service for the customers. The Fidessa platform institutional trading Maybank Kim Eng world to allow customers in Asia, through a single system and take advantage of environmental capacity and quality front office. A much more sensitive FIX client on board environment with enhanced trading opportunities, founded in algorithmic and program IOI to strengthen the capacity of the brokerage firm in order for their implementation to offer more timely and valuable customers.

The implementation is achieved through integrated teams of both sides, an alliance that led to the simultaneous launch of the platform for operators in 10 countries, with all key customers successfully migrated to the new system mobilization.
Ami Moris, Regional Chief, equities, Maybank Kim Eng says, about Maybank Kim Eng will live with Fidessa for regional trade, “It is important that Maybank Kim Eng provides the best possible capacities at both local and global customers wishing to do business in Asia. This new technology allows us Fidessa aboard customers quickly and systematically run through the Asian markets, with a primary focus in ASEAN, with a wealth of information flowing back to customers. The application is a key milestone in our strategy to offer the best execution to clients in Asia. “
Managing Director for Fidessa in Asia, Jean-Pierre Baron, also added, “We invest heavily in adapting our system to geographic and regulatory diversity of the region. Partnerships like this with Maybank Kim Eng has raised the functional coverage of our system, in particular as regards controls of pre-trade risk and synchronization with local regulations. We are pleased that this implementation is completed on time and now the system can be used with confidence throughout Asia.”

Fidessa is a global business with scale, resilience, ambition and ability. They’ve delivered around 25% compound growth since them IPO in 1997 and they’re recognized as the thought leader in them space.

Source: fidessa.

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