LMAX UK’s sixth fastest growing company

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LMAX UK’s sixth fastest growing company.

LMAX UK’s sixth fastest growing company, LMAXHeadquartered in London, UK, LMAX Exchange is a trading name of LMAX Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Multilateral Fund of Commerce (“MTF”). LMAX UK’s sixth fastest growing company , LMAX Exchange has been listed technology company sixth fastest growing UK in the Sunday Times league table 2015 Tech Track 100.

LMAX Exchange called the company the fastest growing technology in the UK in the table Sunday Times Tech Track 2015 100, marking the third consecutive year (1 in 2014 and No. 15 in 2013) Sixth, the companies in the prestigious list based on available annual sales growth over the past three years. This growth comes at a time when the currency market is under increased scrutiny, with regulators and market participants call for more fairness and transparency. The recent fair and effective regulatory review Markets UK has asked the United Kingdom at the center of international debate.

LMAX UK’s sixth fastest growing company , The announcement follows the LMAX Exchange validate achieved traction in the foreign exchange market and since its launch:

* More than $ 4 billion so far negotiated LMAX Exchange
* Offices in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand
* World Customers of more than 90 countries
* Achieved its first full year of profitability in 2014

LMAX UK’s sixth fastest growing company  Since its introduction in 2010 has LMAX change at the top of this phase of the transformation of the market, provides a technology that modifies the inherited methods in a way that is profitable and transparent for all market participants.

David Mercer, CEO of LMAX Exchange commented about LMAX UK’s sixth fastest growing company on the price, “LMAX Exchange has consolidated its leading position in the industry and pushed Britain Fintech global standards of transparency at a time when the majority necessary to the foreign exchange market.” “Inclusion in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 is the company’s successful detection and appetite for technological innovation, the greater transparency of rules, fair and level within creates the industry.”

“LMAX Exchange is Fintech greatest success in the UK. What we have created is not just a company that is profitable and growing rapidly, but a global model of transparency leads to long-term disruptions in the asset class more largest  in the world.”

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