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Manage Forex investors’ funds Liteforex PAMM accounts.

Liteforex PAMM accounts.PAMM account is a service of investment that provides investors the chance to create money without trading themselves on Forex and permits managers to earn extra income for managing client funds. Liteforex PAMM accounts is an account developed for managing Forex investors’ funds.

It combines all the benefits of investment and management. Transparency, safety, and convenience of this technique offer wide learning opportunities for each investors and managers. Besides, the technology of Liteforex system has no analogues on this market, that turns it into the most effective PAMM service. LiteForex’s PAMM investment service has been awarded the title of the most effective PAMM service by World Finance, a competent British business edition. Manage PAMM accounts and gets a well-deserved reward for the expertness.

Detailed description about Liteforex PAMM accounts:

  • Account types / Account Name:  PAMM.
  • Spread: Floating, from 0,9 pip(s).
  • Minimum Leverage: 1:1.
  • Maximum Leverage: 1:200.
  • Minimum deposit: $200.
  • Recommended deposit: $1000.
  • Account base currency: USD.
  • Commission: None.
  • Platform: MT4.
  • News feed: Full news.
  • Islamic accounts: Available.
  • Rate, % per annul: 0.
  • Lot size ($): 10 000.
  • Minimum lot: 0,01.
  • Maximum lot: 10000.
  • Minimum step: 0,01.
  • Max. Number of orders: Unlimited.
  • Margin Call Level: 100%.
  • Stop Out Level: 50%.
  • Execution type: MARKET EXECUTION.
  • Bonuses and advantages: Fully automated processes; invest in as many PAMM accounts as you wish.

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