Leading bank MTBank partnership with Dukascopy

Leading bank MTBank partnership with Dukascopy.

The brand can launch under the name of MTBankFX, exploitation the technology commercially of Dukascopy Bank. Dukasсopу Bank has launched a brand new white-label partnership of the Leading bank Republic of belarus MTBank.

It launches continues on the heels of a recent increase within the money business (FX) in Belarus in recent years, once the certification regulation by the national bank of the Republic of Belarus.

From 2015 forex activity in received an official legal basis and regulated by the Bank of a national of the Republic of Belarus. an electronic communications network (ECN), that uses prices supported a mixture of internal and external liquidity providers. permits direct access to the international liquidity of a number of the largest banks within the us and Europe.

As a results of the branding, Dukascopy commercialism technology has become the inaugural FX platform to pass scrutiny by the national bank of the Republic of Belarus and the National Centre of Forex, win compliance levels with non-prescription activities (OTC) FX within the requested country.

Thanks to this new white label partnership, the customers of MTBank are capable of exploitation them platforms of operations of Bank of Dukasсopy, liquidity and order execution of the SWFX system of Dukascopy Bank, underneath Belarusian jurisdiction.

About Leading bank MTBank partnership with Dukascopy

According to Igor Bychek, vice chairman of the Board of MTBank, in an exceedingly recent statement on the branding and regulation: “The scenario has modified as a result of a change in legislation. Over the years we tend to discovered the market: we tend to communicated with customers, consultants and received a response from the market – in Belarus, there are people who wish to urge and use a Forex to invest during this risky market.”

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