KROUFR Vomma scammer forex brokers adds

Russia’s KROUFR Vomma scammer forex brokers adds Vomma, DartTrader to black list.

By Eric on Thursday,
KROUFR Vomma scammer forex brokers adds. Russia’s commission for the regulation of relations on financial markets KROUFR issued on a weekday a warning notice on its call to blacklist forex service providers Vomma and DartTrader, each of a similar origin, for not permitting purchasers to withdraw their funds. KROUFR Vomma cheat forex brokers adds. KROUFR Vomma scammer forex brokers adds.

The founders of each Vomma Broker,, and DartTrader,, area unit related to with the A&P financial group, that closed while not returning investors their deposits, deed them at a big loss. The Vomma broker and DartTrader are luring customers and people of different forex brokers, assembling personal data from these brokers’ information and victimization it to open accounts with falsified documents. They then were ready to execute varied frauds and financial manipulations.

vomma broker.   darttrader broker.


Both Vomma and DartTrader were launched in early 2015. They both target customers from Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Commonwealth of independent States (CIS), or the previous Soviet countries.

Source: kroufr.

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