Increases FxPro its new Product Offering

By totem on Monday,

Increases FxPro its new Product Offering.

 Increases FxPro its new Product Offering FxPro Increases its Product Offering. Award winning FX broker add Contract for Difference (CFDs) including numerous additional shares*, indices, commodity and energy futures.

Award-winning FX Broker FxPro is delighted to announce that the company’s product range to encapsulate many additional Contract for Difference (CFD) * including many additional shares, indices, commodities and energy futures contracts. Specifically, the corridor will provide some of the most popular and most liquid on the French, British, German and American titles listed, new specific indices such as China and USD 50 index, improved energy and agricultural futures such as cocoa and coffee, so customers their trading activities to FxPro provided services to enjoy further diversify. These new products can be found on the FxPro MT4 platform are traded and are available from 1 June 2015. Known tourism brokers work as non-trading and offers superior liquidity and implementation of superior technology, is FxPro expand and improve their services. Therefore, the broker led this highly anticipated expansion of its product range to meet the needs and objectives of their clients.

FxPro CEO, Charalambos Psimolophitis, commented about Increases FxPro its new Product Offering:

“Each new service we offer through our ongoing efforts to better trading conditions for our clients ensure is driven. After an increasing demand for CFDs on most products, we have responded to these new additions in an, effort to provide our customers with the opportunity to expand their business and enjoy the benefits of our platforms and a high level of performance. ”

Source: Fxpro.

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