ICE Launch Eris Standard Interest Rate Futures

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ICE Launch Eris Standard Interest Rate Futures.

ICE Launch Eris Standard Interest Rate Futures Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE), the world’s largest network of exchanges and clearing houses, Recent time  announced that leading multi-asset class derivatives ICE Futures Europe exchange in the UK, it plans to launch Eris contracts standard interest rate futures in euros (EUR) loud and Pound sterling (GBP), June 29, 2015th.

Futures, new Eris Euro standard interest rate and future standard Eris rate GBP will trade and clear in Europe ICE Futures and ICE Clear Europe. ICE Launch Eris Standard Interest Rate Futures that you are in Product Design Eris US stock futures exchange based in dollars and Eris Eris Standard Flex futures swap. Eris interest date comparable swaps traded off-the-counter reproduce all cash flows and the economy, including price alignment Interests (PAI), which are incorporated within a range of futures variation of the individual cash flow style. Other features include the main contract, margins and operating efficiency of listed companies, are forward contracts in cash, physical delivery handled security at maturity. Futures are traded and complex ICE Swapnote remuneration, the giant in 2001, when the first interest rate futures and swap futures was launched European interest rates ICE Futures Europe and the portfolio options. A margin of efficiency for customers. In April launched the first tranche ICE futures Eris Eris Eris CDX CDX HY and IG which reproduce the credit default swaps of the economy with the MethodologyTM Eris. Both contracts trade and clear on the ICE Futures US and ICE Clear US established with the increased volume and open interest.

“We are approaching the clear mandate in Europe, the market participants for more efficient ways to be looking to hedge interest rates. Eris unique methodology to offer our customers an innovative solution, instead of playing the financial aspects swap rate,” about ICE Launch Eris Standard Interest Rate Futures said David Peniket, President and COO, ICE Futures Europe.

ICE plans to launch Eris and Eris iTraxx main iTraxx Crossover, in the second half of 2015. In December 2014, ICE has a license agreement for several years is registered with Eris and term of patent design based option contracts product pending methodology Eris ICE platform.

Source: ICE

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