Hackers attack FXCM forex broker

By Sums on Friday,

Hackers attack FXCM forex broker.

Hackers attack FXCM forex broker, FXCM Hack Cyber-attacks are common in the financial world, Especially in the banking sector but it’s is not as common in the forex industry. FXCM Inc., its a forex broker online, FXCM broker said its systems were hacked and unauthorized wire transfers were made from customer accounts.

FXCM broker received an email from hacker that who claim to have illegal access to customer information. FXCM immediately notified the FBI of the threat and is cooperating with the FBI investigation. FXCM also launched a full investigation, working with a leader in cyber security, to investigate the incident of cyber security and protect customer information immediately. FXCM, along with leading cyber security company, is conducting an extensive forensic investigation to determine the extent of the facts and identify customers affected. It will notify affected customers.

About Hackers attack FXCM forex broker FXCM said it was working with a company of cybersecurity to determine the magnitude of the facts and identify customers affected. The company did not say when it was hacked or give more details about the incident. FXCM broker not immediately respond to a request for comment.

FXCM also added about Hackers attack FXCM forex broker and unauthorized wire transfers were made from customer accounts. That All funds have been returned to the accounts were compromised, the company said Thursday.

That very common in the online world and aims to collect user data, such as user names, passwords and often can collect data from your credit card can be used online payments. To avoid falling victim to online scams, it is recommended to change passwords regularly at least once a month. While choosing your password sure not to use short passwords easy to guess.

Forexfog recommends using minimum 10 characters password for strong security that  involving capital and small letters, number.

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