GWAZY now offered trading platform

GWAZY now offered trading platform by Maxrich Group Limited.

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GWAZY now offered trading platform. Forex broker based in New Zealand Maxrich Group It offers demo and live accounts through the trading platform GWAZY. Recent GWAZY announced GWAZY now offered trading platform by Maxrich Group Limited.

Gwazi provides merchants with all the benefits of trade without environmental stress and hectic. For this reason, agreed to start Maxrich and decided to offering this revolutionary method of trading. The platform can be handled in less than 10 minutes, so that the learning process easier than ever for beginners.

About GWAZY now offered trading platform, said Martin, Head of Development at GWAZY Ltd.,”Nowadays there is a wide array of platforms available for white label. GWAZY however is not just any platform. It is a turnkey solution for brokers who are seeking to reach out to a specific market segment. Full implementation of frontend and backend takes two weeks. So why spend money, time and resources to reinvent the wheel, when there is a dedicated team of experts that can take care of that in order for brokers to focus on branding? This is what we are here for”

With GWAZY all dealers have to do is select the icon that you wish to trade, the percentage of return (from 25% to 200%), the amount of investment ($ 10-250) and the market address.

About GWAZY Ltd.

GWAZY Limited (Ltd) is the technology provider, developer of the GWAZY Trading Platform, the GWAZY Trading Method and the GWAZY League.

About Maxrich Group Limited (MRG LTD)

Maxrich Group Limited (MRG LTD) is founded by a group of professional traders with global trading expertise. Maxrich Group Limited receives high ratings for its financial strength and is incorporated in the New Zealand under the New Zealand Companies Act 1993 – NZBN 9429041684832. Maxrich Group’s mission is their commitment to expand their knowledge to help their clients achieve their financial goals. As such, their mission is to foster mutual and long relationship with our clients by providing every ideal conditions to fulfill their trading potential.
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