Grand Capital broker New partnership conditions

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Grand Capital broker New partnership conditions.

Grand Capital broker New partnership conditionsGrand Capital broker providing financial, educational and brokerage services since 2006. Grand Capital broker New improved partnership program conditions to it be introduced 1st of November 2015.

Grand Capital broker announce that Grand Capital  have made some improvements in them partnership program that makes working with Grand Capital  even more convenient and more profitable. Grand Capital provides brokerage services to individual and corporate clients worldwide.

About Grand Capital broker New partnership conditions said Anatoly Glezeris, the head of Partnership Department, Grand Capital “Our goal is to create conditions that motivate our partners to continue with us for a long time. We have considered the feedback from our partenr and we are now entering a new partnership program with a new commission system. We are confident that our partners can benefit most from working with us”

Grand Capital broker New partnership conditions, From November 1, 2015 the following changes will take place:

* Amounts Commission will now be deposited into clients account every day base.

* Amounts Commission now be calculated according to quantity In / out for the last month.

* Requirements for the activity of the couple have also changed. Now, the situation of the couple becomes “Off” only after two months of inactivity. This means that even if a partner does not attract any customer within two months, would still commit the operations of its existing customer during these two months.

* More options increased fee will be introduced. Moreover, increasing the length of commission members it will be prolonged based newcomer 3 months from the time of registration.

A important matter about Grand Capital broker New partnership conditions that From November 1, the increased commission will be given to all existing customers of big capital! The promotion runs from 01 November until 31 January 2016.

Grand Capital broker services and to comply with international regulations, Grand Capital broker work with the Grand Studio to provide better educational services in the financial field.

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