Gain Capital launches live data binary protocols

Gain Capital launches live data binary protocols institutional clients.

By Johan on Monday,
Gain Capital launches live data binary protocols. GAIN Capital’s GTX, the business arm of institutional currency of GAIN Capital Holdings opposition. Owner of, same on Mon its unit operations, institutional amendment GTX launched Gain Capital launches live data binary protocols earlier within the day high-speed binary protocol market information in real-time to customers of its ECN trading platform.

The institutional division of Forex trading broker Gain Capital Holdings In, announces the implementation of market protocols binary data in real-time at no cost to customers of its ECN trading platform. GTX has created binary protocols in response to requests from the recursive operators, together with market makers, who will use the protocols to deliver a lot of strong liquidity. Market participants can make a significant reduction in the interval and memory usage once decipherable incoming data market, permitting them to trade and create markets more quickly ECN account.

Innovation GTX let customers use the protocols to produce more strong liquidity, win a much reduction in processing time and memory usage once decoding incoming data market, and trade and create markets on the ECN more quickly.

“We are unit happy to produce live market data, binary protocols to our most information intensive market participants,” about Gain Capital launches live data binary protocols said Steve Reilly, head of liquidity at GTX. “Binary market information protocols can expand the utility of the GTX ECN to algorithmic traders, with the goal of providing more strong liquidity to any or all market participants,” he also added.

The binary information protocols include hypertext transfer protocol market GTX, a binary proprietary protocol supported a brand new framework presently being standardized by the working party High Performance of FIX Protocol Limited. Advantages include microsecond-precision time stamps, and an alternative of victimization either the User Datagram Protocol or the Transmission management Protocol.

GTX’ clients embrace banks, hedge funds, plus managers, proprietary traders, brokers, and recursive trading corporations. In late Jan 2016, the broker generates a record volume of acquiring the year to this point of $ 17.8 billion in an exceedingly single day. The worth includes $14.6 billion spot forex volume traded on the ECN further at $3.1 billion from spot, swaps, options and non-deliverable forwards (NDF) dead by GTX’s swap dealer agency table and Swap Execution Facility.

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