FxStat Launches Own Brokerage OneTrade

By Mikel On Monday,

FxStat Launches Own Brokerage OneTrade.

FxStat Launches Own Brokerage OneTrade, OneTradeFxStat regulated trade social network in the UK spread brokerage with the launch of his own brokerage.  FxStat starts OneTrade brokers. OneTrade brokerage it’s part of FxStat. FxStat is naturally very social and focused copy of negotiation.

FxStat Launches Own Brokerage OneTrade, FxStat Asked Earlier this year, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to license additional licenses to financial advisory and fund management. First, the organization additional licenses that are not clear, but it has recently been shown that FxStat OneTrade started his own brokerage firm. The new bishop appears to be only a supplement to the offer of FxStat has changed its business model and still a lot of support MT4 brokers. However OneTrade appear logo now on top of all other brokers charge in his place.

About OneTrade :

OneTrade broker business model is 100% focused, ie all operations STP / NDD. That means OneTrade to operate only as an intermediary between customers and providers of liquidity Tier1 institutions (banks and non-banks) and swaps. OneTrade broker regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, with reference number 537 787 OneTrade This allows brokers, with one of the highest levels of safety and service standards to provide customers with consumer . Broker OneTrade goal is to protect the interests of customers at any time, offers zero interest conflicts, the full application transparency, full transparency and post-trade trade anonymity.

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