FXCM Asia Now Powered by Rakuten Securities

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FXCM Asia Now Powered by Rakuten Securities.

FXCM Asia Now Powered by Rakuten SecuritiesIn a unique position to offer a new level of excellenceOnline Forex Trading Traders in Hong Kong. FXCM Asia Limited (“FXCM Asia”), a leading online Forex trading provider in Hong Kong, FXCM Asia announced that it will continue to service local currency traders as “FXCM Asia driven by Rakuten Sec”.

Rakuten Securities purchased FXCM Asia, the final agreement between pursuant Inc. (“Rakuten SEC”), Forex Trading, LLC (“FXCM”), and Rakuten SEC on September 11, 2015. The acquisition is an extension Rakuten Sec new markets – Hong Kong , ranked the third largest global financial center After New York and London, and the ideal Rakuten Sec seize new opportunities rather than in China and Asia. FXCM Asia Now Powered by Rakuten Securities, Sec Rakuten is five top FX broker in Japan and a subsidiary of Rakuten, Inc. (“Rakuten”) (TOKYO: 4755), one of the utilities of the world’s largest Internet. Now the company has full ownership of FXCM Asia. By combining a large and competitive operation of Rakuten Sec with FXCM Forex innovation, experience and renowned customer support, FXCM Asia is well positioned to lead the industry in the FX in Hong Kong. The agreement sets Rakuten Sec to FXCM trading system customer FXCM Asia. Forex Trading FXCMAsia existing customers are not affected.

“Retailers can expect not only better support, but also a better trading environment and, possibly, a broader set of long-term trade products.” said Yuji Kusunoki Chairman Rakuten Sec about FXCM Asia Now Powered by Rakuten Securities. “This is a commitment FXCM Asia, now stronger, more effective and more competitive than ever as a result of synergies realized Rakuten Sec and FXCM join forces. We are a highly competitive forex pricing model, the market-leading technology trade jalahjakas team deep industry knowledge. We are in a unique position for future growth.”

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