Colmex broker online stocks trading, Colmex

Colmex broker online stocks trading, Colmex.

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Colmex broker online stocks trading, Colmex. The stock market has its own terminology and jargon and every trader should know the basics. Recent news Colmex broker online stocks trading. An informed operator is a smart investor. A brief description of some of the most common terms used in the world of stock trading.

Also known as the stock market, the stock market is the market on which they are issued and traded (either through exchanges or markets against – OTC) stocks.  Colmex broker online stocks trading, the stock market is seen by many as an important element of a functioning market economy, as it works as an interface between companies and investor meeting. Companies use the market for capital known in what is considered the primary market through the sale of parts of its property to use, with the profit potential of future profits to investors. Once the company sells its first issue of shares on the primary market, trade later was carried out by the investors in the secondary market.

Action, which is also known as a stock or equity, is a guarantee, which represents a claim on a portion of the assets and income of a company. Someone who shares a company has committed itself as a shareholder and co-owner of the company.

Colmex broker online stocks trading there are many types of actions with the typical actions, common and preferred being. Capital gives the holder the right to vote at meetings of shareholders and dividends. The preference shares do not usually give the holder the right to vote, however, has an advantage over ordinary shares in the first participation in dividends and a higher demand in the assets and profits to get. One way for a company to raise capital by selling shares. To issue shares of a company should the services of an insurer to use. It is the responsibility of the insurer, the company and after analyzing the results, setting a price for the population. The company then decides how they want to sell shares of IPO (IPO) for sale.

* Penny stocks – are stocks issued by smaller companies are unlikely to grow in size. The value of penny stocks is usually cheaper and in most cases is less than $ 2.00.

* Growth stocks – shares of companies that have achieved relatively rapid growth, or have been considered likely to succeed are known as growth stocks.
* Chip stocks – shares issued by large companies and famous are known as blue chip stocks. A good example of blue chip stocks would be IBM or Intel.
* Ticker Symbols – Upon issuance of a share, each shares a unique alphabetic name for identification purposes is granted. In most cases, the stock exchange listed have three letters while stocks, NASDAQ listed have four or more.
* Price / Earnings Ratio – The price / earnings (P / E ratio) are a measure of the price of a stock to the company’s net income or earnings per share from last year.
* Trading Volume – Volume of trade it is a measure (hundreds) of the total number of shares traded on a particular day.
* Bear Market – A bear market is a term used to describe a specific period in which there is a general decline in the value of most stocks.
* Bull Market – A bull market is a term used to describe a specific period when a general increase in the value of most stocks occurs.
* Index – An index provides an average measurement for a specific group of actions as the Nasdaq 100, Dow Jones Industrial Average etc.

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