BillPro Adds Check Processing Solution

By Mike on Monday,

BillPro Adds Check Processing Solution for Merchants.

BillPro Adds Check Processing Solution, BillProBillpro a treatment provider for international business cards would be a new check processing of option for traders without Automated Clearing House (ACH) to announce access. BillPro international merchant processing service provider. 

Billpro by Phone Service Check is an electronic check manufacturing process that delivers a number of benefits to merchants, including more control on claims and billing, convenient batch processing option, and compatibility with multiple pay-TV. Bill check from phone.  “Many traders assume check by phone payments are synonymous with ACH payments, but check by phone offers some distinct advantages,” about BillPro Adds Check Processing Solution said Daria Rippingale CEO Billpro. “Check the phone gives retailers a quick and secure way to take checks via web portals, shopping carts, mail and fax, and by phone, no waiting time for check arrival, clearing and settlement. ” To help marketers to maximize the new check using the telephone service, Billpro offers a secure virtual terminal for processing manual check, the option for traders to use high-volume batch processing with monitoring and integration assistance API request.

BillPro Adds Check Processing Solution , About Billpro:

Billpro is an international online payment provider delivering secure payment solutions for all kinds of businesses. Billpro offers credit card, electronic check, ACH, check for international telephone and bank payments and payment options to ensure multi-currency through its network of international banking partners.



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