Acuity Trading Indicators News Sentiment MT4

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Acuity Trading Indicators News Sentiment MT4.

Acuity Trading Indicators News Sentiment MT4. After announcing the company’s new market alerts sentiment indicator yesterday, this morning big data focused Fintech firm Acuity Trading is following up with more news. The new trader oriented solution, the integrated company launched the popular MetaTrader 4 platform.
The product was introduced last year with some companies from the industry already adopting it into their offerings, including the biggest broker headquartered in the Middle East, ADS Securities.

With the introduction of MT4 integration, the offering by Acuity trading becomes more appealing to a large number of traders who are accustomed to using their trading platform at the core of their trading setup.

“With virtually a full pipeline of development for new clients in the coming months, integration of Acuity’s tools in to MT4 has been an important step that will allow faster access for brokers who do not require bespoke development,” says Brad Alexander, VP of Sales at Acuity Trading about Acuity Trading Indicators News Sentiment MT4.
The offering will be available for the clients of all brokers that are partners of Acuity Trading. The News Sentiment indicator works just the same way as regular Expert Advisors.

Acuity Trading Indicators News Sentiment MT4 Once available within the trading platform, the news sentiment analytics tool will be more convenient to use by retail investors. Through the use of a single sentiment aggregating tool that is scanning through a vast amount of financial news articles every day, traders will be able to get access to Acuity Trading’s natural language processing technology.

Commenting on the new offering, the Managing Director of Acuity Trading, Andrew Lane, said: “Our objective has always been to make news analytics technology more accessible for the retail market so the integration of our sentiment tools in to MT4 is a natural step in that direction.”
“Being such a popular platform for brokers we have invested in the development of the integration to include some key functionality such as quick trade link buttons and customisation features such as multi languages and branding adaptation so that traders have a better user experience,” he explained.

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