10th years old anniversary LiteForex celebrates

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10th years old anniversary LiteForex celebrates.

10th years old anniversary LiteForex celebrates

The history of the LiteForex back to 2005 Company Opening was held on July 2, the creation of a brokerage firm that compete with existing companies and the actual needs of the dealer at work in the market exchange was the original concept. Simultaneously LiteForex a major breakthrough in the mediation capacity through the introduction of hundred accounts with a minimum deposit of $ 1, while other companies strictly follow the official line. This movement is available to traders and potential investors. MetaTrader choose a trading platform that had become popular around the world was also part of our success.

Recent time LiteForex broker celebrates them 10th years old anniversary. Liteforex said about 10th years old anniversary LiteForex celebrates It’s been 10 years since we began providing services with Forex traders reliable edge, practical and cutting. Years of persistent work and Lite service perfection have moved to the forefront of mediation and we Forex disposal hundreds of thousands of merchants around the world continued! We firmly believe that only by working together with our customers we are able to keep pace to keep up with new technologies and to improve our service.

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